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attempt (n).

2ea5daabb1427cb2e25e1c50433293baInside of me there is a rumbling. There is a lot of fear and a lot of dreams, and it keeps me from sleep, it wakes me up when the light in my room is still grey. I sat down the other day and wrote down everything I'm afraid of, and it became clear that I may just be afraid of everything, but I am learning a new song; I hear it on the sidewalks of this city and in that space when I find myself holding my breath, and the words go, "try, try, try."


vow (n).

924632d1364b6cbb74ab86ecd08d3292I can promise few things; there is much that is unknown and much that has yet to be shaped. There is little I own or have acquired that I can bestow to you. I cannot promise I will always be brave and full of courage. I cannot promise I will always be true. I cannot promise I will never speak out of anger or fear. I cannot promise I will always think of others first.

I can promise that I will always try. I can promise that I will ask for forgiveness. I can promise to reflect. I can promise that, no matter what other logic or science suggests, I cannot turn away to the beating and the whispers of my heart.

[Paris Opera Ballet student, via Ello Dahling].

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