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photo-12photo-13It's only half way through the month and I'm already doing a round-up, and that's because in three sleeps, I'm taking off for Spain! It's been a crazy few weeks, collecting all of the final equipment I'll need, saying goodbye to friends, trying to calm my nerves and talking myself off the ledge, and breaking in my shoes as much as possible. Here's what has been keeping me busy before I leave:

photo-26photo-27photo-28We had the perfect girl's night. Last Monday, despite the thundery, crazy weather, I trekked up to High Park to have breakfast for dinner with Trisha, Hanna and Jenn. These girls have been so sweet and welcoming to me, always really inclusive and inviting, and are hilarious to boot. We had the best girl time ever, drinking tea out of mugs from Jenn's impressive city-themed collection (I obviously chose the Spain mug). While we were chatting after dinner there was an insane lightning storm, and even though I've lived here for nearly four years, I'm still in awe of Toronto's Spring and Summer rain storms. photo-25photo-14I went to the Muse concert. I previously wasn't the hugest fan of Muse, but going to their live show, they made a huge fan out of me. Their set and the lights and their sound was all flawless, and every song was epic! The bottom picture is of the crowd while we were cheering for an encore- pretty cool, hey? photo-24photo-23I hung out with Josh and Lauren. As the rain continued through most of the weekend, I trekked with Fresh takeout to Josh and Lauren's hotel for some pep talks from one of my favourite couples. photo-15I said goodbye to Katie. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders, and one of my dearest friends. We had lunch and she helped me pick out a new case for my new phone (always a tough decision) so it'll be safe when I inevitably drop it down a mountain along the coast of Spain. photo-22photo-20photo-18photo-19photo-17There was a send-off for me yesterday. A few lovely friends came to 416 Snack Bar last night for drinks and yummy finger food (three words: Mini. Mac. Sliders: A big mac in mini form except with real meat and more pickles). This is one of my favourite little corners of Toronto, with great music and atmosphere and great food! We cheers'd my trip and had a lot of great laughs.

The next few days include running to MEC hopefully only once more for some water purifier tablets, packing my backpack a few more times, probably a couple mini breakdowns, phone calls to Vancouver to chat with family members before I take off, and trying to sleep and avoid the weird dreams I've been having (like last night when I dreamt I left my backpack at home and was trying to figure out how to get it shipped to Paris and the flight attendant yelled at me for not turning off my technology).

This week puts an end to The Word Project until I'm home in May, but expect lots of updates from Spain! Thank you for visiting and for all of your encouragements and comments; this little website is a blast to write and I'm so happy to have all of you reading. You'll hear from me again once I land in Europe!


composition (n).

224757837625267782_ZS4t7J9r_cIf I wrote a book filled with my thoughts of you, there would be no theme but still a very strong tone; there would be no conclusion, only a thesis; you would be a character though I'm not sure if you'd be the hero or the lover or the heartbreaker, the traveler or the cowboy. Then again, you are in every page and every piece- sometimes about you, sometimes in your honour, sometimes a rebuttal to a previous conversation with you- but you're always there, even if regrettably, because, if not the hero, you are at least always the muse.

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