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indispensable (adj).

162903711491402271_QcXbmDKp_cI constantly have to check in with myself on how I am walking into rooms; I have a tendency to shrink down, shoulders hunched for armour, head down, and Jess, don't make a fuss. Who would want to hear from me? But the stakes are too high to have time to doubt ourselves; we must walk into each room of people, each conversation, job interview, confrontation, performance, discussion, as if these simple facts are Truth: as if we are children of God, as if there is a higher reason why the convictions on our hearts have been placed there, as if the passion we feel is an invitation to participate in something really amazing, as if by being there we bring an element and a flavour that otherwise would be missing.  

Posted on January 24, 2013 and filed under the word project-.