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how do you like your sandwiches?

6325898465865bb39c54e124a66a81daWhat is your go-to homemade sandwich? I usually go for a ham or turkey with veggies and any kind of cheese, and lately I've been obsessed with mustard, spicier the better, ever since having a charcuterie dinner at Brian and Trisha's (we had Kozlik's mustard for our crackers, cheese and prosciutto and it was DELICIOUS). I've also been enjoying toasted veggie sandwiches with lots and lots of hummus on them. My mom is the ultimate sandwich maker and, when she was a teenager working in a cafe, she would have people come and request that she personally made their sandwich, to the point that the line would get held up because no one wanted anyone else to make their food! Mom also sometimes likes to put chips in her sandwich, and a girl I work with makes sandwiches in between a cucumber sliced in half instead of bread. Strange!

[Photo from Seasons and Suppers].



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