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lovely bridal jewelry from live.beautiful.

photo-51photo-54Last week I got to go along with live.beautiful to their photo shoot of their new bridal line, which is coming out this summer. I shot their last line, Rough and Tumble, and I was so honoured to be asked to join again! We shot in a stunning park just outside of Hamilton, under a huge tree and in a pretty meadow, and it was pretty magical.picstitchphoto-53All of live.beautiful's jewelry is handmade by Ali and Laura, and their pieces boast of ethical, environmentally friendly materials, resulting in a really earthy, whimsical feel. I have a few pieces from them, namely their herkimer diamond Audrey Studs, and I wear them every. single. day. photo-57picstitch-1

live.beautiful has a really great service they're offering to brides (and beyond) for their bridal line, where a bride can bring in an heirloom or antique piece of jewelry, and they will revamp it and make it in to a one-of-a-kind custom piece. I think that's such a cool idea for wedding jewelry as your something old, something new, to revamp a sentimental piece and make it all your own.

Stay tuned for the pictures from the shoot (these are obviously my dinky phone pictures), and for the launch of live.beautiful's lovely bridal line, due in a few weeks!

Jewelry by Ali Kekewich and Laura Hart from live.beautiful Set Styling by Lynzie Kent from Love By Lynzie Photography (not shown) by Beth Kaye and Ty Bertrand from Beth & Ty In Love Wedding dress from Pearl Bridal House, by Hayley Paige Modeling by (the stunning!) Jacklyn Barber Macarons by Nadia And Co. 

beards: the key to longevity [and handsomeness].

d4583c094ecf9476297b83f05bbe38a1If you've ever been trolling for men with me (a common pastime), you'll know I have a very specific type: tall and scruffy. There's something so rugged about a guy with a beard (not too unruly), and I get all hypnotized and everything they say sounds poetic and deep. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration (only slightly), but I stumbled across this article, Beards Keep You Young, Healthy And Handsome, Says Science, and I was over the moon to find out that the strange hypnosis I experience is scientific. According to the article, slow down the aging process, prevent skin cancer, help with allergy relief and prevent wind burn. (They forgot to add "and makes all men look more mysterious and fancy").

What do you think? Do you have beard affinity like me?


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live beautiful jewelry launch.

photo-19photo-18A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of playing model for my dear friends Alison and Laura's launch of their new jewelry line, Rough And Tumble by Live Beautiful. It was a bit of a surreal experience, we had full hair and makeup done by Presley Foskett and Brittany Gray of Fancy Face Inc, with big hair and bold eyes and lips, and Nora Nathoo and Chris Masson from N and C Photography, giving us the royal treatment (and a LOT of direction). photo-22photo-21Posing for fashion photography is a different beast than any other kind of pictures I've posed for before; you feel like an idiot with fiery eyes and contorting your shoulders, but it translates amazingly! I felt like I was transformed into this sultry goddess, adorned in the prettiest jewelry ever. I wanted to share the final product of my transformation and the stunning new pieces from Live Beautiful.




Alison Laura are beautiful people with incredible vision and talent, and a passion to make quality, ethical jewelry, and it all shows! It was such a blast to be a part of this project, and now all that's left for you to do is go over to their Etsy page and buy everything. Easy!


Hair and makeup by Fancy Face Inc., photography by N and C Photography, jewelry by Live Beautiful, Behind the Scenes video by Gavin Seal, modeling by me and Lynzie Kent, shot at The Atik Studio.

Jewelry from top to bottom: Large Audrey Studs; Audrey Necklace in Gold; Presley Earrings; Kyle Necklace; Danni Necklace in Gold; Small Audrey Stacked Rings.



endure (v).

66a8e0ebd8b1cee221fbdc77e5c79644When a woman could describe her attire as "fancy," there is usually also a double meaning that there is at least a mild form of torture being performed on her body; inadequate layers to brave the freezing winters because her coat is too thin, or has short sleeves; blistering, pinched feet, swollen joints in her toes, unsightly morphing from the original shape of a foot; the digging of a wire, the pulling of some tape, that headache that comes from hair pins stabbing her scalp, or hair pieces pinching her temples; her manner of walking is greatly challenged by the elements: long skirts, high shoes, red wine flowing. She's been warned, she's been questioned, she marvels at the obstacles she makes for herself. She can hear her mother's voice in her head, telling her it's not worth it (and she's seen her mother's feet!). But she gets caught up, yet again, in the feel of the fabric, in the defined waistline, in the way her legs look unending, the elegance and the beading and the way it all feels: fancy.

[Photograph from Style Caster].

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