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billow (v).


Wade out with me
past the sea grass and sand bank
past the tide pool and shelled reef,
past even the calm and gentle water,
to the place where we hover
and feel like we could be swallowed whole,
to the place that the water turns
from silver to enveloping blue,
to the place where the waves break
and gather into themselves
and that’s how they become tall.

chasm (n).

I can feel the wind go right through me
it whistles as it whirs past my ribs
my chest, previously filled with fire
blows ash and soot past my spine. 

You asked what it feels like - empty, I explained.

Maybe I am not empty;
maybe I am full of space
like the fields are,
like soil ready for seed
like morning, waiting for the kettle song
like sitting beside you, there is nowhere else to be
and the water, see how it goes out further and further and further and
maybe all of this is part of the ritual
maybe they have called for great room to be made. 

fret (v).


63045aaebe1d7a981fe342ee63e5d812This morning I went down to the lake, I sat on the stones, I watched the boats come in and out of the harbour, bows tilting toward the open water. And all these heavy things I carry around on my heart that anyone could hear in my sigh and see in the creasing of my forehead, I laid them all out in front of me. Stretching them in a row, I began to ask myself, "In a decade, let alone a year or even a month, will I still be worried about these things? Do I still want to be carrying them with me?" And just one or two I picked back up and put in my pocket for further review, and the others I left at the shoreline, because the only thing you should bring back with you from the beach is the kiss of the sun and maybe some sand.