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fable (n).


Did we forget that we could be happy? Even here, with our crooked floors and tired bodies, our empty bank accounts and fuzzy comprehension of what It all means. Are we not unbelievably blessed, irrevocably provided for, abundantly [at least, figuratively] rich? Look what you have in your hands. Look what you have in your heart. Look at who you shared coffee with this morning. Look at who you want to call at the end of your day. Equipped with all sorts. 

Have you heard the story of the man with the empty field? He would sit near the gate, palming his seeds, watching the road, pursing his lips. He saved and saved them, worrying, "what if I squander them? What if I plant too soon? What if the rains don't come? What if next season will be more plentiful than this one? What if nothing lasts?"

He was a skinny, skinny man.