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endow (v).


It’s messy, this act of loving, this
practice of revealing and then
revealing more, we brush away
the layers in the same way you
brush my hair away from my face:
with such softness it startles me.  

You bring me down to the water
to sit at your favourite place to watch the
day end and ask me not to laugh.
I bring you into the heaviness that
spins around my mind and ask
you not to flinch from the weight of it. 

I laugh only at the marvel that
we are from different worlds and
have gathered, you flinch only at
the way I distract you from
the impossibilities that keep me up at night.

enterprise (n).


Our love is audacious after
the war you were in and after
I shattered myself into sand,
we meet while the night is sleeping
and test each other with
our disappointments and
I fear sometimes that I will
lose you to your worry and
you fear you will never
have me to begin with but
we pack the car anyway,
you pick the music and I
find the map and we call it
an adventure, even with
our tired hearts and
shaky hands.

exposure (n).


It has been difficult for me
to be known by you, that kind
of visibility has not
sat well.

I have let you in to my secrets
and my regrets, you have
seen the begrudging way I greet
the morning, you have seen
my nervousness in large gatherings, you
have seen the way I fold into myself
for days at a time. You have seen
the heaviness that I bring home
with me and the way
I line it up on the table.

It is difficult to be known
by you, with all these
messy parts lying about;
I thank you that you
did not avert your eyes
but could you have
adorned the mess
with wildflowers?