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converge (v).


Sometimes I awaken to the fact 
that there is an entire world 
inside of the stranger 
next to me on the bus, they are 
full of stories and preferences, 
full of ways they like to spend time and 
places in the city they would 
recommend to a tourist and 
reasons for things and 
a whole web of people 
who love them and I 
wonder what makes us 
join some people’s worlds 
but not others. 

Sometimes I want 
to reach across to 
this stranger, also commuting, and
take their hand, but I 
don’t, I keep my world to myself.

sight (n).


I stopped for a moment and the beauty of
all of these things rose to meet me:
that children still learn to ride bikes and
bakers get up at four in the morning to
make perfect, warm bread and
strangers open doors for each other and
also they make conversation on the subway and
here, just when I needed it, someone mailed me
a letter with my favourite words spilled inside.

The leaves remember to come back each spring and
tiny birds chase each other, even in the city and
sail boats still flutter like eyelashes across
the lake on Sundays and
the sun, just when I needed it, stays around later and
is there waiting for me in the early morning when
sleep isn’t easy and doesn’t stay long.

My mother calls and asks all the right questions and
my neighbour planted magnolias on my side of the porch and
the teen cashier at the grocery store is happy to see me and
the old couple beside me are still holding hands and
my friends are champions, inviting me to dinner and
my cousin drew pictures that I keep on my wall and
here, just when I needed it, a song rises to wake me
to show me I am not alone in my lonesome, that
I am not hopeless even when I am sad.