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last leg: london.

photo-36It's so strange to be writing from the comforts of a Toronto apartment, where summer has hit and the heat is rising, and writing with the luxury of a computer and fast internet for the first time in six weeks. It was like I had a dream, the most lovely of dreams about travel and foreign cities and beautiful, far off friends, and now it's off to the races. Nothing has changed but everything is had a whirlwind two days in London. It wasn't near long enough but it was a fantastic little visit! I arrived in the afternoon and, after some transit confusion, got to Carrie's pad, dropped my stuff off, and headed downtown to meet with Tripp, a dear family friend whose grandparents were my grandparents' neighbours in the sixties. I got horribly lost and confused, but Tripp rescued me, and we walked along South bank at dusk, walked across Millennium Bridge, and ate at Wildwood, which was delicious. photo-41 photo-40photo-33photo-35On Tuesday I got the full-on cultural experience of the pouring London rain. (As a side note, Carrie was sweet enough to clothe me in warm, dry clothes, as did Lindsay when I was in Germany, and I just have to say that it meant the world to get to wear normal clothes after wearing the same three shirts over and over and over for five weeks. It's a simple thing but it was such a gift at the time). With only one day to see the sights, I had to be choosy. I've been to London before, so I've seen the palaces and the tower of London and gotten a taste of the parks, so I decided to go to The Globe Theatre to see A Mid Summer Night's Dream. If you're ever in London, I would say going to the Globe is a must. It was just perfect, even with the rain (you can see it pouring down in the picture of the stage, and above you can see me with the definition of "rain hair"). It was such a pleasure to get to see Shakespeare where it has been performed for years and years. photo-34Carrie met up with me after the play and we had a quick bite and whisked off to see Iron And Wine. The opener for the show was John Smith, whose voice sounds like an approaching storm out at sea, blew me away. Everyone go find his album. Capping the whole trip off with incredible music was just perfect, and specifically to be with Carrie on my last night, who was a catalyst in me planning this Europe trip in the first place, also felt significant.

So here we are, back in the city, with sun and flowers everywhere, back to work tonight already. I didn't think feeling this amount of gratitude and peace was possible, but here it is. I am a lucky girl indeed. Thanks for visiting.