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manual (n).


Regarding the care of an aching heart:

Be unrelentingly gentle with yourself.
Wade into sweet pools of grace abounding.
Be soft with the way you bandage
your wounds (include ample amounts
of breath and expanse).
Bellow all you need, even
in soggy, ragged sobs. 

Take harbour in the wonder
that you partook in the
sacred, delicate act of
loving another being.  

salaam (n).

what can I do with all
of this heaviness and how
do I greet it except to
brush its hair, offer
what food is left, tell
it not to worry, it's not
keeping me up (even though
it is keeping me up), I will
stay awake and listen as long
as it takes to say it. 

I will put on the kettle and
wrap it in the blanket
I wrap around myself on
the days that I am not sure
even of the color of the sky.