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Today it felt like spring in the city. I was able to go for a big bike ride and then a big walk, coffee in hand and friend by side, by the lake. I took off my jacket and could feel the sun seeping through my clothes.

I've been thinking how I feel like I am literally living "spring", how our hearts attune themselves to the seasons, and the budding questions bursting through and zipping across my mind. I like this season of tending to the dust and the softening of the soil. I am so very, very ready for spring.

[Photograph by Horst Keichle].

Posted on April 8, 2014 and filed under from jess-.

diversion (n).

2c183b9de1b7a53132dcb83a03269cecIt is now that phase of summer where, like in a play, you can feel the final scene coming just around the corner. The sun has heavy eyelids, the golden hue that feels so close is becoming more distant, same as watching an old man shuffle down the sidewalk. Same as, one household at a time, hearing children being called in for dinner, announcing the day is coming to an end.