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resemble (v).

972719f0d43cb2765aa08c07f562c32bDay to day I change the priority of what kind of woman I would like to become; sometimes I want to be bold, and then some days it feels more important to become graceful. I wish I was more classy, and while we are making a list I wish I was more patient and well-kept too. But then, I also wish to be the kind of person that throws caution to the wind, is always the first to jump into a car and drive across cities and towns for no particular reason, the first to dance with abandon in dive bars or to ruffle some feathers around the office. And I also want to be thoughtful, and considerate, and sweet and lovely, but to also have the last word and curse inappropriately and be sarcastic. I have expensive taste and I want to sell everything I own and live nowhere across the world. If I could find a way to be everything all at once that would make things a lot easier on me.