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pilgrim (n).

I learned what church meant
when I walked across the length of Spain
when we, messy pilgrims,
told stories and broke bread
while our socks dried
on the line.

I learned what church meant
while sitting near the atlantic
with my kin
with scotch and campfire
with mysteries being listed
with no need for an answer.

I learned what church meant
while sitting with my father
in the darkest of times
and he spoke wordless prayers
and carried me with his faith
in a Creator
that didn’t create this.  

selah (n).

often I think about the Maker
and lately:
is this what you had in mind?

do You worry
about the way it's all leaning
and the way it appears to be going
and all the things we do
to keep ourselves busy
to keep ourselves feeling important
to keep ourselves feeling like we are in control

what do You see
in us
and do You see
 what's to come?
and what kind of story are you writing
why such an epic
and why all the secrets
and why
must we flail around so?

reverence (n).

6d8caee553a49afdfa03ef353d0e6f20I have lost the religion of my childhood, and in its place is this ever playing hymn of a Creator that is Mystery in the most beautiful and free way. How silly of us to think that He could be at all encompassed and summed up by- anything, that we have created to make us think that we could get it all figured out.