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alchemy (n).


It’s boring, what you do for money;
we all need to put food in our mouths.

I could listen for hours about
the moments you’ve felt most alive,
and what burns a hole in your belly,
the people your eyes turn gold for,
all of the cliffs you’ve jumped from,
and your favorite dinners.

Tell me another story
about a time
when to you it was confirmed
that the world is made of magic.  

orchestrate (v).

4b5c1041ac6ad25246c0b72fb840a91aThere is a river running through me that keeps me quite sure, despite disproving evidence in science and philosophy, that there is a rhyme to all of this, there is a story being told, there is something being orchestrated. It is in the ringing of my heart when I sit with a dear friend, easy and kind. It is in the sweetness of sunday walks, the returning of spring, the city of people that keep me standing. It is in the funny phrases that wake me up and compel me to create. It is in the writing or whispering of your name; it makes me sure, very sure, that this river is leading somewhere.