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fasten (v).


I bring you my self as I am, 
all tender and soft
just as you have brought to me
since the beginning, your
own softness. 

You have made a place
where I can bring to you
the strangeness and triumphs of my day,
my fleeting thoughts and
deepest longings and
all the things I carry on my shoulders, 
and you line them up with me, 
you hold them or nourish them
or, when appropriate, help me
lay them to rest. 

This is the love that we have built together:
that I can be softened
by your softness
and strengthened
by your strength, 
that I can gather you
in your frustrations
and you can anchor me
in my wavering.

This is the love that we have built, 
and it started right from the beginning, 
when we were just two kids
walking each other home.