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hello, friends.

c06a6a7afe9d9442bbc65eab445b36d4 How is everyone? I just wrote a huge final exam, and now I am trudging through one of three more papers that I need to finish before I'm officially done for the semester. Phewf! Who wants to talk about gender roles in satirical dystopias? Not me!

It feels (and I say this tentatively) like hints of spring might be popping through... I've fully committed to ditching my parka even though it's only a meager few degrees above zero, and I've pretty much kicked sock-wearing to the curb too. I might be a little cold here and there, but I am infinitely happy to not be in winter gear. I've ushered in spring with multiple bushels of tulips spread around my apartment, and I even took my bike to my dentist appointment on Monday! The glory!

I can't say how excited I am to get through the next 48 hours and finish the rest of my classes for the semester, which translates to returning to regular blog posts.

For those similarly in paper/exam mode, keep focused (unlike me) and give yourself a hug! It's almost over! And those with friends in this position, go bring them a salad, they've probably been eating strictly comfort food for the last three weeks.

see you soon.


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811a03ba5a9a255b984cc228120a25a2How is your week going? I have an essay due in three and a half hours that I haven't started. And I wanted to curl up on my blog instead. I am still battling these stupid winter blues! Who else is dreaming of beaches and sun? I have been feeling angsty and restless, which leads to good writing for me usually, and I am carving out some time this weekend to share some of it with you.


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