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what is your favourite flower?

7b0f077d53740457eb69400647df6dd11ba30fdc71261f66129aa7099bcc9970221daf3343ca0ec07a25cf7cab4b3738Do you have a favourite type of flower? Right now I've been loving poppies and peonies, and I am always quick to buy a huge bunch of tulips and clustering them together in a pitcher or a mason jar. I got a giant bouquet of lilies for my birthday and they made the whole house smell lovely and fresh. There is nothing sweeter than when someone brings you flowers, it's such a simple gesture but it brings so much cheer, especially on a rainy spring day.

[Poppies from Poppies and Posies, Peonies from Design Sponge, Tulips from Bride in Dream].