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reverence (n).

6d8caee553a49afdfa03ef353d0e6f20I have lost the religion of my childhood, and in its place is this ever playing hymn of a Creator that is Mystery in the most beautiful and free way. How silly of us to think that He could be at all encompassed and summed up by- anything, that we have created to make us think that we could get it all figured out.

hands (n).


You can tell if it is true love by bringing your attention to your hands: Love is not to be held with a fist, no clinging or desperate grasping. It is in the fingertips gently brushing along spine and hips; it is the tracing of your partner's lips in the grey hue of dawn; it is in the reaching for the extra grocery bag to lighten the load on the way home; it is in their brushing of your hair out of your eyes; it is in the joining of your partner's hands in thunderous applause as you go off about your day.

happy birthday, word project.

a1ae82d34a7865f881589eb70b32a94cIn the busyness of September I completely missed the fact that I've been writing The Word Project for over a year! Here is the very first word, and here are some of my favorites: On Learning: revelationobserve,  brink, summary, stubborn, exploration, vow, resolution On My Favorite People: abyss, hereditaryally On Love and Muses: nearboundless, contagious, feel, radical, composition, sweeppotential, fused, initial, cozy On Travel: fragmented, pattern, antidote

This has been such a delight to create and has been the best outlet; I feel like by writing almost every day my writing has improved heaps, and I would suggest starting a daily project to anyone who has been dealing with writer's block, or wants to document the development in their skills . I'm thrilled to share it with you, and so, so, so appreciative of your comments, encouragements and feedback; it all makes me a better writer.

I'd love to hear if you have a favorite "word", and what you'd like to see more of in the year to come.