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placement (n).


You are here
in this body that carries you,
the one you may battle or the one
you have made peace with,
in whatever folds and creases you curse or bless,
in the structure that holds and lifts you,
in the skin that blushes and shivers,
in the lungs that fill you with breath, you are here.

You are here
in the morning light, however it wakes you
in the day that unfolds at your feet
in all of the things you make happen and all of the things
that happen to you
in all of the places of wandering and intention,
in all of the stickiness and all of the clarity, you are here.  

You are here
in the gratitude that swells and in the waves of longing
in the things that you hope to keep and
in the things you wish to be different,
in the place you feel stuck and the
thoughts you wander to that give you flight, you are here.