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jessjanz-december2011066-LJust so you know, I just made a Facebook page for Visit Jess Janz, so, especially if you don't have a blog roll, you can get notifications when there's a new blog post around here so you stay up to date on every little thing I write (I know, super exciting). While we're at it, if you're a tweeter, you can find my Twitter account here.

And if you are a pinner, you can find my Pinterest account here. (And if you have a twelve step program for addicts, please email me the link for their website).

If you're on LinkedIn, you can find my LinkedIn profile here. (And if you want to hire me to write beautiful things you can just email me and I will love you forever).

[shameless self promotion complete. You may now go about your day.]

[Picture by Jamie Delaine].