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indicate (v).

All you need to ask yourself 

whether in the morning as you are stirring yourself awake
whether looking into the eyes of your love
whether quieting yourself trying to decide what next to do
whether in the uncomfortable stillness in the everyday
whether in everything that is difficult and hard
whether considering setting it all on fire and starting back at the beginning
whether tucking yourself in at the end of your day, laboured and long, or easy,

is, "is there peace here?"

and that will quickly make things quite clear. 

hush (n).

1169efec6d8b3b3992ce5560442baf5bThat is often the problem - we know not easily how to be silent, and still. Both, together, that is the thing. I know how to be silent for a time, but you can be sure my hands will be kept busy. I can be still, but I will learn to fill the stillness with shouting or chatter or worry (which, I suppose, is not still at all). If we were to be silent and still we would be in the posture to hear it, and feel it - all of the earth resounding in song, and in dance, swaying us, drifting us toward truth, toward Home.