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terrain (n).

you are made of earth
you are made of clay and
the rock walls that make mountains
you are made of sand
the way you let my tide brush up beside
(but not sink into) you.

you are granite and stone
how your face gives nothing away
and holds everything in
but you are soft like the pillowy soot
when the fire is done burning
and our feet and cheeks are warm
and everything has finally been said
and we were ablaze but we didn't
burn down did we? 

you told me your chest is full of gravel
but when I bring my hand there
all I feel is soil
all I see is a field
all I hear is the whistle of air
brushing the seedlings' reaching sprouts. 

chasm (n).

I can feel the wind go right through me
it whistles as it whirs past my ribs
my chest, previously filled with fire
blows ash and soot past my spine. 

You asked what it feels like - empty, I explained.

Maybe I am not empty;
maybe I am full of space
like the fields are,
like soil ready for seed
like morning, waiting for the kettle song
like sitting beside you, there is nowhere else to be
and the water, see how it goes out further and further and further and
maybe all of this is part of the ritual
maybe they have called for great room to be made. 

shell (n).

The bones of this are heavy
elbow joints fit like baseballs in our palms
weight bearing hips look like barges, carrying. Always carrying. 
The rib cage stretches over us like a dome
but shelters nothing
keeps nothing out
it no longer covers
and it no longer holds. 

The bones of this are heavy
even missing the highways of veins weaving about
there used to be a city here, organs at work, the heart keeping time.
Oh. Just like poles without a tent
we can build nothing
go nowhere
would we would be better off
leaving this all to turn to sand?