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hush (v).

31caba2c630d03232e83a3a3df09c505I want to climb inside your quiet. It threw me off, that's certain, the quiet in even your hands and your ease in the silent moments that drift in and out of our conversation. The quiet of your attention even, one thing at a time, it makes me aware of the buzzing in my brain and the worry, so much worry in me, some fear and some conspiracy, some hesitancy and some dismay. The quiet way you drink your coffee, sitting down. Facing forward. You do not fly around your apartment, throwing lunch together, or trying to find a matching pair of socks, coffee mug following you around from room to room and getting cold. And the way your quiet gently quiets me, sshhh, it lands like a sweet spring wind kissing softly the trees on the way home.

[Picture by Kimberley Hasselbrink].

hush (n).

1169efec6d8b3b3992ce5560442baf5bThat is often the problem - we know not easily how to be silent, and still. Both, together, that is the thing. I know how to be silent for a time, but you can be sure my hands will be kept busy. I can be still, but I will learn to fill the stillness with shouting or chatter or worry (which, I suppose, is not still at all). If we were to be silent and still we would be in the posture to hear it, and feel it - all of the earth resounding in song, and in dance, swaying us, drifting us toward truth, toward Home.