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sapling (n).

This is us as trees: 
I want dearly
to be mighty with
confidence in my
place and gentle in my response
to what gusts may come. 

You are made of oak
and earth with
branches dipped low
for easy footholds for
the child in you
if you'd invite him to play. 

And, planted by the riverbank, 
we just now see that
our roots can reach the water
and in spring it shows
in our budding canopies
the work we've done
to keep ourselves alive
during this winter. 

excess (n).

fd04fa53f1fa4ec669efec3f072ba4c2Do we all feel this: worry that we are too much? How often do we feel we must dumb ourselves down, shut ourselves up, close ourselves off? Often I feel I have too many feelings, too many thoughts, too many words. Often I feel I want too much. It's not that I want a bigger or a different plot of land, I just want to have a garden, full, with lush and lovely blooms, with wild vines and trees of solid oak, with sweet fruit and hearty food, roots that grasp and plunge deep, wrapped tight and far into the earth. I don't want a different plot of land. I just want it all to grow.

glover road (n).

702a1d85dd92401a58ca8e6f0e7e223fI drove the streets of the town I grew up in, and nothing is the same. Eight lane intersections, and across from the wrinkly Best Western, four or five glamorous car dealerships, bright signs and all. On old sleepy farm lands there are now rows of tidy townhouses. It is all different, and me, I am not who I was when I lived there. My how we have all grown.