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pursuit (n).


I had a dream of greatness
I had a vision that my life would include
noble ambition and impressive
pastimes. I had a dream of notoriety
and confidence that the things I chose
to do were the right things, full of courage
and boldness.

No one told me about
the late nights and sleepless mornings
no one told us about the sore muscles and
calloused hands. No one mentioned
the dirt on my tired clothing and
the secret art of crunching numbers and
sharing last night’s dinner for supper
again and all of the wondering if
we would make it to month’s end.

No one told me
about my heart, pulled in
all ways, my mind, spinning
like a top at the edge of a table.

No one told me
that the dream that was
planted would
grow in this way. 

You will find me
living my dream
with my hair messy and
my children laughing,
with projects half open
and half finished,
with eyes clear and
hands full and heart
living in the light.

celebratory word project giveaway.


 So I just wrote thirty poems in thirty days. This is the third time I've challenged myself with this feat (with the original April Word Project last year and again in October), and it's always the same cycle: the first few days it takes a really long time for the poem to "arrive," I spend a lot of time staring at the wall, or out the window, or generally lamenting to myself. Always finding it difficult to find the time to make it all happen. Around day eight, a bit of a shift comes and I might come up with a banger, and then somewhere around day eleven, all of a sudden I'm taking notes on my phone and writing things down in the middle of work.

With each of these month-long projects, this lesson is affirmed: if you make space for art, something will always arrive to you. And, the runner-up lesson: you're not always going to make The Best Art Of Your Life. Which is totally okay. But you have to be ready (limber, research done, mantel prepared, etc etc) for when it does come. So doing the work, and thanking it for coming, no matter how small it may seem, is all you can do. 

So, a giveaway:

as a thank you for following along with The April Word Project, I'm giving away two poems about whatever they want! For the winners last year, I wrote mooring (n). to commemorate a reader's journey with anxiety, and circadian (adj). as an anthem about starting a new chapter for another reader. 

How to enter:

ON INSTAGRAM: Screenshot and share your favourite #aprilwordproject poem in your insta-story or on your profile and tag/ mention @visitjessjanz. Make sure you're following @visitjessjanz on instagram. 

ON FACEBOOK/ TWITTER: go to and pick your favourite April Word Project poem, and share it on your account. Make sure you tag me (Jess Janz on Facebook and @jessjanz on Twitter) so I can see that you've shared! Make sure you're following the Visit Jess Janz page on Facebook. You can see the whole collection here. 

I'll be doing the draw on Friday, May Fourth, so you have a few days to pick your favourite!

xo Jess

(Photo by the brilliant Steph Ironside from Iron & Bragg Photography).

oh hey there, celebratory giveaway.

As a thank you for following along with the #aprilwordproject, 
I'm giving away a poem to two people about whatever they want!
Here's how to enter:

ON INSTAGRAM:  just tag a friend on any of the
#aprilwordproject poems, that's it!

ON FACEBOOK / TWITTER: go to and pick your favourite
#aprilwordproject poem and share it to your facebook or twitter page and
MAKE SURE YOU TAG ME so I can see that you've entered! 

I'll be doing the draw on Tuesday night! 
Thank you all for cheering me on during the #aprilwordproject!
xo jess.