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absence (n).


I have been filled with
the kind of ringing silence
that makes your head split
and heart ache.

Didn’t songs used to play here?
Wouldn’t I chatter to myself?
Wasn’t there a story about that?

Wasn’t there
at least the rustling
of the wind from the window,
at least the exhale
from my sleeping love
on my warm neck,
at least the quiet hum
that comes with
the world waking?

spark (n).

content warning: depression, self harm, suicide

you wanted your death to mean something
you wanted
everyone (anyone) to look at
the bullying
and the shame
and the isolation of your illness
and the anguish of losing your mother
so we can continue your fight for you
because you couldn't carry it anymore. 

(we will, we saw you, we see them, and more clearly). 

you wanted your death to mean something. 
I want you to know:
your life meant something too;
and you were so precious,
and so fleeting. 

she (pr).


we define
womanhood as
being able to
give birth

I do not want to
(I do not feel called to)
(I do not see myself to)
(I do not feel compelled to)
(I have no longing to)
be a mother.

Is it woman enough to
(as in, am I allowed to)
give birth
these words
fiercely protect
feel, fully
never apologize
what I know
is mine to foster?

I have bled
but also carried
guilt and burden
and honor.

I have bled
but also carried
my heartsong
timid and
fierce into
each morning
that is, 
new beginning. 

flip (v).

You're sort of taking
the easiest thing in the world
and twisting all the cables
with your worried mind. 

You're sort of taking
the magic out
of our bikes along Queen Street
and bad iced tea in the car. 

You're sort of taking
a long time to realize
there's actually nothing to fear here
and we could hurry up and maybe be

kind of great. 

misuse (n).

did we know what we were doing
and what was even said
in all of that talking we do
what do we think we're getting done
do we think
with all our pacing
and timing
and editing
and editing again
with all of our strategies
and hesitating
and waiting
and holding back

and withholding

with all our over sharing
with all our imposing
with all our littering and tearing down and
all our waiting in line.

we spend a lot of time
doing not much at all. 
we spend a lot of time
looking away from
and only looking to
and not looking at
anything ripped with tragedy
but also anything completely magnificent.

how often do we miss it
how small we are
and how beautiful it is
to be here, together