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repetition (n).


I am a creature of habit,
my morning this morning looked
like the morning before it, rising
with a whimper and shuffling
to the kitchen for the holy
coffee ritual – portioned with
the same spoon, I place the
same mug as I hum with the
sacred silver kettle.

I return often to the
same places, the bench in
the park where once we watched
a midnight bike parade, and returned
again after I finished my weekend shift
and again to read to each other
from the book I have read
already through, four times.

I echo often the same
songs that spoke to me
(I think maybe they were
written for me alone), these
songs I put on while I write,
or sit at home, or hurry
down to the bus stop.

I want to be in the habit of
finding new ways to
see the beauty in
even the quietest day.  

coffee in vancouver.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetHappy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! I am home for the holiday for the first time in four years, and the west coast is so, so, so lovely in October. Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI always pack in a lot of visiting into really short trips, and yesterday stayed true to form. I drove downtown with my dad on his way to work and we had a coffee from JJ Bean on the way in. Dad dropped me at Revolver in Gastown to meet my very dear friend Amanda for a long overdue chat. Amanda has been a really great friend to me and a huge inspiration as a writer (she's taking her Master's in Publishing at SFU right now, and it was refreshing to see where school, which feels mundane and simplistic right now, will get exciting and challenging down the road).


photo-21I went over to East Van to visit my cousins Annie and Becky at Annie's coffee shop, Matchstick Coffee. Annie and Becky each just had sweet new babies, and it was such a treat to snuggle with them! Matchstick is so bright and fresh feeling, which is especially nice for rainy Vancouver days, and their food is SO yummy! We had an all-too-short catch up before it was time to go.

I spent the afternoon with my dad at his new job, and it definitely felt like "Take Your Kid To Work Day," and we celebrated thanksgiving with my dad's family at night before heading to Washington for the weekend.

It's been a really quiet and relaxing weekend so far, and I hope yours has been restful and filled with great people too!


[Picture of Matchstick's storefront from Roland Tanglao].