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audience (n).

d3f7f4d14038fbf08b6fb9e373e38326A brief lesson in considering your platform: When I was in kindergarten, there was a traveling theatre group that performed at my school, and the production starred a family of trolls. They had giant, papier-mache'd heads and screechy yelping voices,worse than a children's show on daytime TV because they had to perform in an elementary school gymnasium. The opening scene was a child going to bed and, once the house was quiet, the trolls popped their heads out from behind the shower curtain before running around wildly, knocking over lamps and tables. There was a moral by the end of it. It was not communicated. What was communicated was that I should check the bathtub each time I used the facilities for pretty much all of my childhood lest I need to run for my life with my pants around my ankles.