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anthem (n).

0055fe0c38a0677edecf1b86d1acf963You are fantastic and wonderful. You are talented and have worked hard at the things you are passionate about. You are kind and considerate, you are thoughtful and giving, you are a great listener and encourager. You have an incredible sense of humour, and even if your jokes are lame, you are the first to laugh at yourself, which reaches far greater lengths than simply being witty. You love deeply and with abandon, and you should be with someone who will do nothing less than cross oceans for you, or at least pick you up from the airport and come in to the terminal and kiss you inappropriately in front of strangers, occasionally with flowers. Stop being apologetic about your attendance to parties solo, and whether or not you've made a bright enough impression that people will remember you the next time you meet. Stop putting up with crap from your lame boyfriend. Stop hesitating about that big move, or that job you've always wanted, or painting the bathroom green. It's going to be wonderful, and you're going to be a huge success, so keep your chin up and walk in to every room like you are the queen of the fucking universe, because you're the queen of your own.

And in those quiet times doubt, just remember that song you sang, and sing it again: "I am fabulous, I deserve to be treated like gold just as I will treat everyone like gold, and I'm going to be really, really great."