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transcend (v).

ba4db5f7a783a0b07cf6e05a3d64b77fIn these words may you find a little bit of sweet comfort and full understanding of my support, dear friend: I believe in the whisper that I have heard, that there is such thing as healing. I believe that what is now does not need to be always. I believe that there is hope that what has seduced us into its piercing grasp - ripped our flesh, burned our insides, engulfed us in flames, turning to ash everything and everyone we have ever known and loved, cracked our skulls - may not always have such a stronghold on our weary and searching hearts.

I believe in the decent man that you are, and I promise you, there is still so much hope of returning to who you have always been. I know you will find him, in triumph.

You are not far off. You are not far from home.