disclaimer (n).


Everyone thinks they want to
be in love with the artist in me until
they realize that I will leave
the doors unlocked so the muse can
come when they please and flood
the house with the river
that runs through me, I will leave
for the forest of my thoughts and
stay there for weeks, I will wade
into the mud on our way to the
party and show up with dirt caked
to the bottom of my shoes, I will
dig, deep into the soft place of
your being, the place you keep
your secrets and your
disappointments, I will ask you
to tell me the story of how
you came to be again and
again, I will ask you to look at
the difficult and the dire, late at night
when it is the time for sleeping and
early as we are just trying to wake
and in the car on our way to
visit your mother and I will
bring home with me strays and
scraps, I will do all this without
ceasing, I will do all this when
it is not convenient or helpful, I will
do all this when I don’t even
want to, and yes it is
exhausting, and yes I am
exhausted, but
I am here,
making, and
there is
no other way.

Posted on October 13, 2018 .