certain (adj).

It came as a surprise
to me and those who know me
the shift in air and heart
when you came spiraling in.

I think myself joyful enough
I think myself a man who
has goodness enough, and
was building a house
that stood, I was building
a life that allowed sleep
to come easily.

Imagine the disruption
not unlike spring’s heavy rain
that, unannounced, soaks through
a quiet afternoon and sprouts
the garden to grow its tallest tall -
I found myself a man shooting through
the earth when you arrived.

You are made of wonder
you are made of life’s favorite colors
you are made of more questions than
I knew anyone could ask and
I will spend my life gladly
finding answers with you.

I am sure in the same way
the sun is sure of its place and
the mountain is sure of its stature,
in the same way that the sparrow
leaps off branches without fear
in the same way the ocean
returns to kiss the shore each evening,
the same as these ways I am sure
of my place beside you.

I am sure in all of the triumphs and
all of the things we will lose,
in all of the disappointments and
mysteries that may never be solved,
in all of the stories we will live and then
tell to our friends over dinner,
in all of the things that will grow us
and will alter us from before,
I will end each day grateful
and with such relief
that you are here with me
and still marvel at what goodness
has stumbled on me that
I am here with you.