tabernacle (n).

I didn't trust your love for me because
you loved me before you knew me. 

I could tell you loved
my drastic hand gestures and
took joy in the rambling stories
late as we laid before sleep. 

I could tell you loved
how I carried myself while
ordering coffee or
talking to a stranger. 

You loved me before you knew
the days that I can fold into myself
so far away that it will hurt you
the days I will need to be gone from myself
the days I need stillness and silence. 

I could feel you writing a character for me
and filling in the blanks (blank spots and
blank stares)
I could feel you loving me without
knowing my innermost parts. 

I will know he loves me
when I retreat into myself
in the tavern of my loneliness
and he is there
making the bed
and putting the kettle on.