primordial (adj).

You explained to me
the way the primal male mind works. 
We were at a bar so you explained
and pointed out
the varying height and breast size
of each woman walking behind me,
how the redhead had alluring crooked
teeth and
the bartender had the lowest cut shirt. 
You noticed that our server's heels were lower
than any other co-workers heels
(I noted silently that
the shoes I wear
to do the same job
are a lower height
than hers). 
There was a woman
whose curves pleased you
and a woman
whose arms were
tattooed more than mine. 

You explained to me, 
"men have been trained to hunt
and women have been trained
to wait to be noticed."

I do not
want to be like some gazelle
elegant and silent, waiting
I do not welcome
my next thought: please notice
the woman sitting in front of you. 

I want to be made of gold
I want to be made of metal
I want to be some treasure
so precious
that you could make a ring
out of my very being.