accountable (adj).

I just think we should be preparing ourselves. 
We should be ready because
in two years or
maybe four or in a decade
(however long it takes to
come to our senses)
I know, I am certain
that those who come next
are going to ask the
question we are not
going to enjoy answering. 

Those that come next will ask
"how did this happen?"
and, "how did you allow this?"
and this is what they will be referencing:

our water: not a resource but the source of life
our neighbors: not strangers but our kin
our fatherless: not criminals but the unmentored
our poor: not lazy but victims of the system that oppresses
                them - make no mistake, the system isn't broken, 
                it is alive and well. 
our homeless: up-to-and-including those without a country
                to return to
our women: still marching. still. 
our planet: it is tired and buckling and we keep asking for
               more. we are making deserts of our forests. 

Make no mistake. All of these are OURS. 

On another day we will have to
respond to our transgressions of
inaction but now is the time
to say
this is not okay with me
not in my world
not in my time.