semantics (n).


I am learning about
the way you say things, like how
"are you ready to leave my house?" means
"I'd like it if you stayed longer," and
"I made you this meal," means
"this is how I can take care of you," and
"are you comfortable laying
beside me as you are" means
"I like your proximity to me."

If our language is born out of
the land we came from, then
where is this place that taught you
to speak in code, to hide
your longing in the folds
of your punctuation, to leave
your softness to your glances, 
your affection in the care of
straightening the collar
of my jacket before I go?

My language is that I know how to say everything
and your language is the sonata we play
to keep us calm on the drive back into the city.