vital signs (n).

39965eac17d8dcbc35a0838ce6f8e8caLately, my heart has been swelling, even unlike before. It is demanding my full attention - ordering is more like it, with mandates and signage, trumpets, a fanfare. Neon flares like three am road checks when you're just trying to get home. The pure bright sound of a fussy babe waking you from a deep sleep, screaming to be fed. A drafty window in the dead of winter, letting all the frost in. It all started as a subtle hum, and now it is chaos, impairing me from dealing with anything else until this is all in order. In this time I have realized that I am so slow to give my heart concern. This is a metaphor, and it is also not a metaphor. It is the most important thing we could ever learn to do.