tachycardia (n).

63045aaebe1d7a981fe342ee63e5d812The heart is a wondrous, mighty thing. It won't stop telling us what we need to hear. It keeps echoing. It keeps returning to the same thing. And this has been a season of becoming well-versed in all matters of my heart. It has had funny ways of getting my attention. In its rushing it has shown me that I need to slow on down and not tire myself out. Its racing has shown me that not all things need to be chased. Its insistent pounding has offered moments where there is nothing else in the world except what is happening right at that very second. It has shown me how to give my undivided attention to the present. It has shown me how to calm myself down, all by myself. It has shown me how weary one gets when it ignores the heartsong.

It has shown me that its voice is one to trust, always, always. In all things, the heart is fighting to keep us alive.