imitate (v).

d09f7d6ba81fbe58f0233524cbcac698When I was four, I decided I should like eating raw mushrooms. I got it in my head that this is what grown ups do. I sat at the kitchen table and popped four or five in my mouth, one after the other. The next morning, I took a ziplock bag of raw mushrooms to preschool. My teacher made a comment, "raw mushrooms? Really?" Probably because, now that I think about it, I don't think I've met a soul who eats raw mushrooms. "This is what grown ups do." What a misguiding phrase I tell myself. When I am in over my head, but decide not to wave the white flag. When I don't insist on what I want. When I need more time but feel like I should be ready. When I am fed up with obligations that are stifling. When I am treated unfairly, or without respect or care. Just swallow it. This is what grown ups do. Why do we do it? And why do we think we can't ask for help, ask for explanation, ask for more, ask for advice? Isn't growing up about growing more and more into ourselves, being true and kind and gracious with ourselves and others?