divulge (v).

d1d1cfc8f8c0dfcc2ba85f06e8b45146Tell me every thought you've ever had, and every story you've ever known. Write down every word you've ever heard, every joke that's crinkled your eyes, every smell that reminds you of a place you used to visit. Tell me everyone you used to be, every one, I want to know. Whisper to me your fears and dreams and worries, your disappointments, all of your hopes. I want to write books about your first thoughts in the morning, and every time you've stubbed your toe. How many times have you been broke, down to the penny, and for how long? And when you were broke, who fed you and kept you warm? In which drawer do you keep your favorite t-shirts, crumpled and holey? What happened that time you broke your nose? All I want is to know all of the corners and walls that make you up.