photo-57It's been radio silence around here for the past few weeks; the end of August really got the better of me with a trip to Pittsburgh, a huge Fitness Club Fiasco show, getting my life together before school started this week (!!!!) and, oh yeah, moving this past Sunday. Here are some snapshots of my world from last month:

photo-431004697_376025622524733_895607560_nOur show at the Horseshoe Tavern last Friday (which was such a dream come true to play there), and our new fancy band photo (taken by Janice Douma).

photo-63photo-60photo-61photo-59photo-64photo-62Work friends got together for a beach party in the east end.

photo-65photo-55photo-56photo-51photo-50photo-52photo-66photo-49photo-46photo-67I went to Pittsburgh to visit Josh and Lauren. Highlights include a full day spent on a boat on the river, some seriously intense outlet shopping, a walking tour of the city, and going to a Pirates game.

photo-68The side effects of moving: random screws, nuts, and bolts. Everywhere. I guess this means I'm going to have some wobbly furniture.

This week I'm excited about unpacking all of my boxes and getting settled, painting the walls, and finding a good bag to carry all my books to and from school. I had orientation yesterday, and the new school adventure has begun! September will be about buckling down and getting organized, and finding a really great pair of leather boots (on sale if I can help it).