photoHappy July! This picture above sums up my attitude throughout June: defiant against the obvious clouds and hopeful that there is some sun that is going to peak around the corner. While that is slightly metaphorical (mostly in relation to my apartment hunt that has been moderately discouraging), it is mostly literal, because where the heck has the sun been??! I didn't suffer through years of winter to dodge rain for the next four months. Get it together, Weather. Here are some things that happened in June:

photo-1Mike and Danica got married. I've known Danica since we were fifteen, and her family is probably a group of the most hilarious people I've ever met, so it was a huge blast to get to celebrate her wedding.

photo-2I shot the live beautiful. bridal line. I love this company, and I hope you don't get too sick of hearing about them. We had a blast shooting their custom bridal jewelry in Hamilton in a dreamy meadow.


I've been apartment hunting. Which, especially at this time of year, is the worst. Because I'm going to school in the fall, and my university isn't downtown, I have to strategically move close to the subway line, which means more expensive rent, and way less bang for your buck. I've seen it all this time around: hot plates instead of stoves and advertised as full kitchens, dining rooms with a sheet over the door advertised as a third bedroom (that apartment came with six cats, no thanks), a potential roommate who not only hadn't cleaned the toilet since he moved in, but also hadn't flushed since his last visit to the bathroom. YUCK. I'm strongly considering buying a van and living in a deserted parking lot somewhere.

photo-3photo-4photo-7photo-6Fitness Club Fiasco is full steam ahead. We've released our first (free!) single and have been booking gigs like crazy for the summer. Last weekend we had two shows on the weekend, first at Van Gogh's Ear in Guelph and then at a street festival in Burlington. You can see above Jess (the other Jess) has acquired an auctioning microphone for rehearsal, as we have four vocalists and we forgot to bring the fourth mic, and Matt got practical at the street fest (read: no cars allowed near the band shell to load up our gear) and put everything in a shopping cart to transport.

photo-9I spent Canada Day at home. My friend Heather and I had grand plans of spending the whole day at the beach, but it was yucky and cold yesterday, so she brought her Sex and the City DVD's over, we ate our picnic food, drank sangria and nestled in for a seriously lazy day. It was pretty fantastic.


photo-12Looking back on the month and how it passed in the blink of an eye, I see that I did exactly what you're not supposed to do after a huge, contemplative trip, and I made myself way too insanely busy. I'm hoping to digest my time in Spain and implement the great lessons learned there in the next few months, lessons of slowing down and being mindful of my time and putting time into the things that I really love to do. July holds a lot of shows for Fitness Club Fiasco, more long nights at work, locking down an apartment, getting papers and loans sorted for school, but it will definitely have trips to the beach and time to work on my own music and this space for writing and long nights off with beautiful friends.

Thanks, as always, for visiting.


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