the inventory project: things about spain.

photo-42These are the things I learned about Spain:

Everyone says hello
Nothing is spicy, or even very flavourful, but the food is very fresh.
There is always ham.
Their dogs are uninterested in humans (a crushing disappointment).
90's house music is very easy to find in grocery stores.
Their cold weather isn't as cold as our cold weather.
Wine is cheaper than water.
Wine is safer than water.
When you need something from a pharmacy, everything is behind the counter so you have to talk about it (ie, diarrhea. Yeast infection. Hypothetically).
Wearing Lululemon short running shorts is kind of a spectacle.
There are yellow flowers in fields.
There are red roads.
There are purple flowers in meadows and on mountains.
Spain is where I learned a lot of things.
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