technique (n).

12b35c0e2b8f565a8b60aff117689670You don’t need to put lanterns in a tree, you don’t need to put it on a baseball screen, I don’t need to be sent on a goose chase, or set off in a hot air balloon and have it written it in the clouds, you don’t need to set off fire works or take me to Rome, you don’t need to make a poster or a sign, don’t hide a ring in my food (mostly because I’ll probably choke), you don’t need to write a lovely song, or put me on an airplane and do it all for show. Tell me, simply, maybe in the kitchen or when we wake up early in the morning or in a meadow or on a walk or by the sea, that you will always try, and that you will always love me truly, and that will be perfect, that will be enough for me.