do you like lemonade?

4c38790526804bcc9ffe9c37714860b9Do you like lemonade? It's my all-time favourite summer drink (if not anytime drink!). There are also some really easy ways to make super fancy lemonade that taste great; here are some of my favourite combos. Watermelon Lemonade: You can blend up a full watermelon to make watermelon juice and add it to lemonade for a little punch! Yum!

Lemonade Iced Tea: It's good with green tea, it's good with black tea. It might be good with chamomile if that's your thing (I don't like chamomile tea!). Mix half and half and enjoy!

Mint Lemonade: Add some mint tea for a refreshing spin, and it looks really pretty. Great for summer parties.

Beer-monade: A cottage-dock home run, beer mixes great with lemonade. Wheat beers are really great with it, but lagers work too.

What is your favourite summer drink?


Posted on June 5, 2013 and filed under from jess-, lovely things-.