revelation (n).

48c411df269c217728d43f1cf8a51ab8When you have all the time in the world alone with your mind, you start to realize the deep grooves of the tunnels your mind wanders down. Doubt and Wavering are both well paved, but need to be barricaded, really. What You'd Like To Eat is shockingly common, as is What You Could've Said, Or Not Said, and What You Could've Done, Or Not Done. You start to spend more time on What You Are and What You Are Not. You start road work on What You're Good At, and realize all the people you'd like to stick around for the road trip. You think about Love of course, and All Love's Follies, and the kind of love you want and the kind you want to give and just how vast and gripping it can be, and you see what responsibility it is to hold another so completely. And the strange grooves all form a funny track in the middle of your chest, either etching toward What You Choose Because Of Fear, or, Where You Go Because It Sets Your Heart on Fire.

And I want to be a girl ablaze.

Posted on June 3, 2013 and filed under the word project-.