Burgos to Hontanas, to Boadilla el Camino.

ImageImageInstead of taking a bus, I ended up taking a day off in Burgos and continue to walk for at least another few days until I can more accurately predict how many days I have to skip (trying to walk as much of the camino as possible). After sleeping in until about 11 (glorious!), the gang had a big breakfast, and took a tour of the massive cathedral. As far as ancient Catholic Churches go, this one is quite bright and majestic. I always get a bit squirrelly thinking of how much money is going to these big vacant buildings, but it was impressive nonetheless. 
After the cathedral and a stop for an afternoon cake and tea, a few of us checked out the very well curated Museum of Evolution. Apparently this region of Atapuerca is stocked with old fossils of the ancestors of Homo sapiens (aka Homo heidelbergensis, Homo antecessor etc, and yes I had to get someone else to spell those for me). Because of my Christian high school education (or maybe the fact that I didn't show up to class most of the time?) I am painfully naive to the studies of paleontology. It all kind of messes with my brain a bit, but it was really crazy to see all of the research being poured into this tiny town. 
On the way to Hontanas, I had to say goodbye to a group of four due to their achey ankles, shins and otherwise. It's pretty strange how you can get so close to a group that, 13 days before, you had no idea existed! 
Today was the first day in over a week that it was warm all day. I'm conflicted with the sun as I am quite insecure about the sock tan that is quickly inhabiting my ankles, but I love that I'm not wearing everything I brought with me just so I'm not shivering! 
We are walking through the Maseta, translated to "sparce", which is the flat lands part of this trek. I thought it would be vacant and straight and frankly that I'd go completely crazy, but I am really enjoying it so far. I found in the earlier terrain I was concentrating so much on just getting up the hill (or mountain range), or not twisting my ankle on the rocky, uneven trail, or not snapping my knees on the descents. The last three days have been incredibly refreshing and peaceful. I can't get enough of having all the uninterrupted time in the world, silent road with chirping birds everywhere. I have been mulling over the dearest people in my life, thinking of what richness they've brought to my world, and speaking blessings and hopes for them. It makes me wish i had all the internet connection in the world in the evenings to express my gratitude for the incredible city of people I have around me. I even find the way we tell stories out here is different, with no reason to pass over a detail; we just give the most vivid description of the loved ones we're talking about we possibly can (or maybe I'm just with a very chatty bunch?). 
Once reaching Boadilla el Camino, and after showering off all that gucky sunscreen and washing the only tank top I brought with me, I treated myself to a flawless ice cream bar and a glass of riesling (yum!). I can smell dinner cooking and it smells fantastic. I'm sure I will only be up for a few more hours, and then back to the grind tomorrow. This simple routine suits me just fine. 
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