Belorado to Agés, to Burgos.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageMy evening in Belorado was simply beautiful. Six of us got together and bought a bunch of veggies and pasta (and a LOT of garlic of course) and hazelnut Milka bars for dessert and 2€ bottles of Rioja wine and shared bread and ate dinner. It was rainy and yucky and a tiny town so we stayed in and stayed up until curfew; in some ways I feel like I'm working at summer camp again with bunks and sleeping bags, shared, moderately damp bathrooms, zero privacy, shared meals, and getting close to new friends at a rapid pace. 

Our walk to Agés was pretty rainy in the morning, but still very pretty. The terrain was hilly with strange forest trees that had black trunks, and the road was a red clay which, when mixed with the SNOW I walked through for a few hours, turned orange. 
I decided to walk most of the day alone, and I am so glad I did so. It has been so refreshing to walk for hours and hours. I feel my mind doing serious spring cleaning, and I'm surprising myself with the whole process, what my mind brings to the forefront.... Been thinking a lot about my music this trip, which is sort of surprising because I've put it on the back burner for the whole winter, and have kind of half assed music in general; maybe not half assed it, but I've been hesitant to pursue it, and there is this renewed longing to rediscover my artist heart and see what comes out of it. It feels good.
We stayed (again) in a tiny town last night, and the seven I've been traveling with sat at a big table from seven pm on and had wine and ordered mediocre pizzas from the albergue. 
Today's walk was misty and cool and a little foggy (it was perfect). We walked through rocky terrain and passed some sheep (shown above, obviously). The view 16k from Burgos was, I think, my favorite sight so far, you could see valleys and hills for miles and Burgos tucked in between, with misty grey clouds and clear skies cracking through ever so slightly. 
The second half of the walk was terrible scenery: I walked beside the highway for most of it, and when not beside a highway there was a factory or the place random furniture goes to die. We celebrated making it through the dull industrial scenery with an all you can eat Chinese buffet, which actually tasted amazing. We rolled our stuffed selves to Hotel Bulevar to avoid the snorers for a night and to not have a curfew and to sleep in; a few of us are splitting after today so our little crew is celebrating tonight! 
Tomorrow Stef and I will take a bus to skip a few days; sort of embarrassing to admit, I'd love to say I walked the absolute entire thing, but I am behind by a few days and we both have a deadline to meet so we have to skip a few towns. I think we will go to Léon and walk the last 315k's (still nothing to scoff at I suppose!).
Learning more and more about being kind to myself and trusting what my body needs (like more chocolate for instance), and I hope you can think on how you can be more and more kind to yourself too.
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