Logrono to Najera.

imageimageimageAn easy day yesterday turned into a super long 30k day today. I felt good all day and we stopped for lunch and had cheese and tomato sandwiches on baguettes. It's amazing when you're walking so much, everything you eat and drink tastes like the best thing you've EVER tasted. The last five kilometers were when all the wheels fell off and I am nursing stiff knees with ice and Advil and a glass of vino tinto.

Yesterday was one of my most fun nights on this trip. One of the guys who I'm traveling with, Luke, has lived in Madrid for the last three years and has spent a lot of time in Logrono, so he toured a group of 10 of us through the town to a bunch of tapas restaurants. Best in show was Bar Sariano, which was a wine bar and only served one appetizer: giant mushroom caps grilled in a special garlic butter and sea salt, served stacked on a slice of baguette and topped with a prawn. Flawless. We also tried morrito, aka pig snout. It was surprisingly good once we got over the mental block that we were eating deep fried pig nose... Not sure ill eat it again but it was pretty tasty. The wine here in the Rioja county is delicious, even the cheap stuff!
We are now in Najera staying in a cramped hostel. It's only 7:42 but I think it's nearly bed time! I was telling one of the girls that I was feeling really tired today, probably because "we've had two late nights in a row", only to realize that "late night" meant 11pm both nights. How life is different out here! That is an early night to finish work at home!!
Tomorrow holds an "easy" day, only twenty kilometers, and maybe a little warmer than today's 8 degrees and less wet than yesterday, and maybe without the four hail storms we walked through! Never a dull moment.
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